Praise for the YouSpeakIt Book Program

“This is the easiest writing a book has ever been for me!”
— Terri Levine, Author and Business Mentoring Expert

“Thank you, YouSpeakIt Publishing, for helping me get my book completed. I would have never gotten it done without you. I appreciate you, and you are making a huge impact. Don’t forget that.”
— David W. Adams, DC FICPA D.PSc

“Keith and Maura Leon of YouSpeakIt Publishing have given tremendous help throughout the process of writing this book. I didn’t know where I would start it or where I would end. They made it easy for me.”
— Ron Nottingham, Author, The Gift of Leadership

“If you can talk about your business, you can do this process. The YouSpeakIt Program is both seamless and amazingly easy.”
— Stephanie J. Clark, DC

“Check out what one former client said about my book: ‘Jenn! So good to hear from you. I am half way through your book. It's been a great companion this past month. I can absolutely hear your voice in very page.’ Thank you, YouSpeakIt team members.”
— Jenn Edden, Author, Woman Unleashed 

What it's like to work with Keith Leon

“I’ve known Keith for some time now, and it’s clear to me that his purpose is to deeply and positively touch the lives of anyone and everyone he comes into contact with. Keith also lives his purpose through his dynamic speaking, training, coaching and writing and, probably most importantly, by being a living demonstration of the keys to relationship success that he teaches with his wife Maura.”
—  Jack Canfield, Co-creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul® and author of The Success Principles: How to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to BeTM

“From the moment I met him, Keith has had a way of joyfully bringing out the best in me. His genuine enthusiasm and clear spirit coupled with his concise approach and creative imagination are a bright torch lighting the way.”
– Anton Uhl, Author and Television Chef

“Working with Keith Leon has been a dream come true for me. I started writing my book some time before getting Keith to coach me. I used to think writing a book was hard, but now I've seen how easy it can be. It's all about putting together a bunch of baby steps. One step at a time adds up pretty quickly to a finished book.”   
— Melanie Eatherton, Speaker, Author and Motivator

I had been putting off creating my book for years until I finally found Keith Leon, the Book Guy.  He taught me a clever way to create a book without having to write it myself.  And through the process I'm meeting inspiring leaders and expanding my network of potential perfect customers.  Keith always goes way beyond what I expected in terms of supporting me in the process.  He really is THE Book Guy.  I cannot sing him enough praise. 
– Julia D. Stege, Marketing Expert and Author

“Keith knows how to teach you to take the steps you need to make to move forward, take action to be successful. He has the expertise, knowledge and contacts to empower you for your own business success. I would highly recommend Keith and his services.”
— Karen Maryum Morse, Life Coach, Fitness Trainer and Ordained Minister

“Keith Leon is an extraordinary speaker and coach. He uses his intuition to know the right things to say, inspiring participants and colleagues to follow their dreams, with follow up! He is the follow up master! Keith empowers people to see the light in difficult times with amazing compassion and clarity.  
– Pamela Bailey, Life Coach and Spiritual Practitioner

“Keith Leon is an amazing coach, singing trainer, book publishing master and fellow radio show host. I love the work he does and the passion that he has for mastery for his clients and for the world at large. I would wholeheartedly recommend Keith on anyone’s stage as well as for personal coaching.”
— Louise Crooks, Keys To Clarity Coach & radio show host

"The tips you and Maura shared at your seminar were great, especially learning all the different ways men and women think. We noticed some challenges before we went to the seminar...and had almost lost our marriage. But, at the seminar we realized that all couples are like us. We all face similar challenges, and we have to learn and accept each other’s differences. Now, we've learned to communicate better and our love grows stronger by the day. You did a great job Keith and Maura!"
— Irene & Masayo Yeoh, Seminar Attendee at All Your Relations (an event Keith spoke at) 

“When I heard Keith was available for coaching, I jumped at the chance to work with him! As a law of attraction specialist, relationship coach, and author, he was the perfect person to help me in my budding career as a relationship author. Since working with Keith my vision has expanded from just publishing a book to potentially helping thousands upon thousands of people with his best-selling book program. With Keith’s guidance and support, I am absolutely certain that I will reach the level of success that I have always wanted.
Aside from his expertise in helping my aspiring business, I appreciate Keith’s sense of humor and his sincere intentions for my success. In moments where I doubt myself, he is always there to buoy my confidence and remind me of all that I have accomplished. What I appreciate most about Keith is his big heart. It was apparent from our very first meeting that Keith loves giving to others and making a difference in this world. I truly feel blessed to have found the perfect coach for me! Thank you, Keith!”
— Dr. Karen Kan-Guenette, Health Practitioner and Multiple Bestselling Author

“Thanks to Keith Leon, ‘The Book Guy’ for helping me to write this book. He took something I thought was going to be hard, and made it easy. I cannot thank him enough for his mentorship and friendship.”
— Edward Chauvin, D.C., Author, I’m Worried Sick About My Health

Praise for the Bake Your Book Program

“I highly recommend the Bake Your Book mentoring program! I am grateful for all they did for me to assist in getting my book to the International Best Seller List."
— Warren Henningsen, author of If I Can You Can, Insights of an Average Man

“Maribel and Keith headed me in the right direction on the road to success on how to write my book in three weeks!  I was able release my dream out into the world easily and simply, instead of continuing to just talk about it!”
— Suzanna Abbott, author of Courageous Heart, Fearless Spirit

"Thank you for creating the Bake Your Book program. You did a super job with it. The only negative is you have eliminated ALL of my favorite excuses for not doing this earlier.”
— Dr. Dennis Crawford, author of Seven Steps to a Life That’s Worth Living

"Keith and Maribel have a way of making book writing both easy and fun.  I never thought I could complete my book so fast."
— Sam Lewis, author of Don't Be An Idiot

"Keith and Maribel are incredible book mentors. Once you put into action what they teach in this book, you will finally be a published author."
— Anton Uhl, Executive Producer, Emma Ranch Studios

“This book is an editor’s dream. Shockingly, Maribel and Keith expose their own secret ‘1-2-3 easy’ recipe to baking up a bestseller. Mmmmm!”  
— Heather Marsh, Owner & Senior Editor, www.classicediting.com

"Bake Your Book will teach you everything you need to know to finally write that book you've been wanting to write.  It is the ‘secret’ that every budding author has been dreaming about!"
— Ronny K. Prasad, speaker and author of Welcome To Your Life!

About Keith Leon’s Character and Professionalism

“Keith’s dynamic personality lights up every room he walks into. He’s straight forward and entertaining, and Keith knows first-hand what it takes to have a purpose filled life.”
— Joel Bauer, Bestselling author and President of Bauer & Associates Inc.

“He’s dedicated to the same cause I am, and that is that everyone has a genius inside, has a mission and something to shine and share in the world and the moment we acknowledge it, were giving other people permission to do the same. I don’t know what the human limitations of the human mind and body are, but I see extraordinary feats being accomplished when people are clear about their mission, extraordinary things are accomplished. Margaret Mead said, ‘Never underestimate the significance of a small group of people making a difference in the world, in fact it’s the only thing that ever has.’ People with a mission end up having a group of people follow them, and they end up making a contribution. I’m dedicated to that, so when Keith put this project together I said, “good, this is resonation, this is going to help us all reach our objectives. We’re all here to do something amazing.”
— John Demartini, Chiropractor, Bestselling Author & Featured teacher in the movie The Secret

 “I just saw Keith Leon speak and I can tell you that Keith was very real, authentic, present and available to the audience. There was a give and take even though he was up there and we were down here, he was very much in relationship with us. I very much enjoyed him and can’t wait to actually be with him again.”
— Larry Gilman, President, CEO Homeward Productions, Facilitator, Actor, and Speaker Coach

Testimonials from Teen Leadership Camps

Keith is a man who has inspired my life in many, many ways. His caring and compassionate nature is noticeable after spending just minutes talking to him. He has music that can touch your soul and make you want to get up and sing! After spending hours (literally, hours) listening to me talk and talk about stressful situations going on in my life, I have seen him as my "camp dad." I know with the most certainty that I speak for many when I say that Keith has guided me in changing my life for the better.
— Linda, Student at Leadership Camp

Keith and Maura led us in a male/female bonding excercise which was such a great experience. Down with the guys was a hilarious time: there was lots of laughs, and talk of various things, like the friend zone (it seems like I live there). Afterwards, the guys got to sit and look back at the girls in the main room. Keith & Maura talked about what each group talked about, respectively. There were also long posters, which each side made for the other. We also had ways to show that we are very alike, like the "if this pertains to you, step forward" activity. 
I woke up the next morning, thinking, "I can't believe this is the last full day. This week has just gone by too fast."  Keith gave us an amazing concert, and truly got the crowd going when he went electric. He did such an amazing version of "Wild Thing" (Hendrix's Version) in which William and I decided to start head banging.   
— John, Student at Leadership Camp

Testimonials for the first YOU Make a Difference book

YOU Make a Difference is not just a clever name, it’s what this book is all about! This book will make a difference in the life of anyone who reads it.  The book is inspirational and the five questions reveal each entrepreneur’s passion, vision and purpose. Enjoy the read!”  
— Marcia Wieder, CEO/Founder, Dream University

YOU Make a Difference will inspire you, motivate you, and give you your own personal Rolodex® to heart-centered entrepreneurs. There has never been a book like this. If you have received this book from one of the featured experts, read their story, get to know them, and then call them when you need the service they provide.”  
— Lissa Coffey, author, What's Your Dharma? Discover the Vedic Way to Your Life's Purpose

“This is the right book, for all the right reasons. Where else can you read stories that will pull on your heartstrings, inspire you, motivate you, and serve as a personal recommendation to any service or product you should need?  What a powerful idea, brought into manifestation.”  
— Janet Bray Attwood - NY Times Best-selling Author of The Passion Test