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TheYouSpeakIt Book Program

The YouSpeakIt book program is The Easy Way to Get Your Book Done RightTM.

7 phone calls, and we have everything we need to create your book!

This program is for people who would love to have a book but think they are too busy to write the book themselves. They do, however, love to talk about their business and could do so with ease all day long, if needed. We will meet with you over the phone and help to create your book's Roadmap to Success. You then call in once a week to talk a chapter. The talking is recorded, transcribed, and edited, and your book's interior and cover are designed and printed. The end result is that in a very short period of time, you’ll be a published author with very little of your time committed. You show up and talk, we do the rest, and before you know it, your books arrive at your doorstep.

The YouSpeakIt book program includes:

  • Roadmap call
  • Content calls
  • Content transcriptions
  • Editing and proofreading
  • Publishing consideration
  • Interior layout
  • Cover design
  • Amazon setup
  • 20 printed copies


Here is what some of our happy clients have said about working with us:

“Thanks to Keith Leon—The Book Guy—for helping me to write this book. He took something I thought was going to be hard, and made it easy. I cannot thank him enough for his mentorship and friendship.” —Edward Chauvin, D.C., Author of I’m Worried Sick About My Health: How to Get and Stay Healthy Without Spending a Fortune 


“Thank you, YouSpeakIt Publishing, for helping me get my book completed. I would have never gotten it done without you. I appreciate you, and you are making a huge impact. Don't forget that." —David E. Adams CD FICPA D.PSc


“The YouSpeakIt team gave me tremendous help throughout the process of writing this book. I didn't know where to start it or where I would end. Their process made it easy for me."  —Ron Nottingham, Author, The Gift of Leadership: How to Coach Your Team to More Productive and Efficient Outcomes


“Check out what one former client said about my book: 'Jenn! So good to hear from you. I am half-way through your book. It's been a great companion this past month. I can absolutely hear your voice in every page.' Thank you, YouSpeakIt team members. —Jenn Edden, Author of the book, Woman Unleashed



The Bake Your Book Mentoring Program  (Home Study Course)

Does this sound like you?

  • You’re great at what you do and feel called to help others with your message, but you have trouble communicating it clearly in writing and packaging it in a book format. (and it’s driving you crazy each day you DON’T have this long-standing goal complete!)
  • You get stuck every time you try to start writing your book and… as it is…it is hard enough for you to find the time to write…and nothing seems to come out right when you do make the time!
  • You have an abundance of materials and know your topic but not sure exactly how to create the structure of your book.
  • You’ve spent weeks, months, even years thinking about getting your book started or finishing what you have and now you are SO READY to reach more people and share your message in a big way through your book.

The “Bake Your Book Mentoring Program” is a one-of-a-kind program (online…so no need for travel or extra expenses to be there), where you’ll learn how to quickly tap into the vision for your book all the way through to getting your book in your hands…and more importantly, how to get it into the hands of those who need it.


Private Book Mentoring (Work with "The Book Guy"  Keith Leon personally)

Keith Leon’s Personal Mentor Program: 2 one-hour calls per month for 6 months (12 calls)

Mentoring includes:

  • Book creation tips, advice, feedback, and support (help with book subtitle, copy and layout for back cover)
  • Assistance in creation of all elements needed to get the word out about you and your message (press release, 20-question sheet, 10-question sheet, bio, elevator pitch, press pitch, sound bites and… so much more)
  • Help with creation of new content for website and referral to web designer
  • Keith Leon's connections (he'll teach you how to easily gain high profile endorsements) and help you craft an “ask letter” that is easy to say yes to and assist in creating pre-written endorsement quotes
  • Provide references for illustrator, book cover artist, lay out artist…etc.
  • Most importantly…Keith will be your accountability partner, coach, and inspire you to get DONE that book that you’ve been waiting to write

"The only way to finish your book is to get started!" —Keith Leon

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Radio Media Tour Package

Here’s your chance to dramatically increase your visibility to a market that is highly targeted–as these shows are hungry for your kind of information! We work with you hand-in-hand to insure the greatest possible number of radio shows will be inviting you on their broadcast. Once you provide us some basic information, we’ll take it from there. We’ll employ our media relations expertise to package and position you as an exciting and compelling guest, and to connect you with the right radio hosts and producers. Will help you develop a positioning story so compelling that it motivates hosts to invite you and work with you one-on-one to create a media interview packet including:

  • Product or Platform Description
  • Suggested 20 Questions Interview List
  • Radio Host Introduction of You
  • “Cheat Sheet” including website and precisely what you want to promote on the show
  • Write well-crafted pitch letters tailored for each individual media segment for which we are seeking interviews
  • Consult with you on your “Key Message Document” to optimize your time on air
  • Prepare you for your Interviews. Provide to you the valuable Conscious Media Relations “Radio Interview Guide” to maximize the value of your interviews
  • Distribute the pitch letters to 2000+ radio shows that have expressed interest in personal development/self-help/New Age topics
  • Distribute pitch letters to any additional media segments selected such as women’s media, men’s media, morning radio drive-time talk shows, business media, etc.
  • Notify you of media requesting copies of your books or products in consideration for booking interviews or as a prelude to an interview.
  • Secure optimum dates for interviews, confirming details and sending follow-up reminders.
  • Provide a regularly updated calendar of your interviews.
  • Outreach by phone to selected shows that we feel are an ideal match to you and your message.
  • Provide a final report noting all interviews that were secured.

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Bestselling Book Campaign

This program is for people who want to get their book and their message out in the quickest and BIGGEST way possible. Having a bestselling book will support you in getting your mission and message out to the world. 


Here’s what a few of our clients had to say about their successful marketing campaigns:

"I have published my book, Straight Money Talk, in May, 2012 with Keith Leon’s Bestselling Book Campaign Services. Now my book is an International Bestseller, and I know that I couldn't have reached number six in my category on Amazon without the expert guidance of Keith. He made every step in the process a breeze." —Robert Bauman, Financial Planner and Author of Straight Money Talk

“I highly recommend the Keith Leon’s Bestselling Book Campaign Services! I am grateful for all they did for me to assist in getting my book to the International Best Seller List."—Warren Henningsen, Author of If I Can You Can: Insights of an Average Man

“When I met Keith, I had already written and self-published my book. Marketing the book, and me, was the big challenge. As a result of my work with Keith, I became a master of promoting myself and my book, getting celebrity endorsements, booking speaking gigs, and getting the media to pay attention to me. Keith is a master of knowing when to help, when to support and when to challenge. I highly recommend him if you want to write your book and make it a success!” —Stephen Whiteley, Author of the book Happiness Works! Get Yours Here

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Additional Services Offered by Our Company Include:

  • Media Campaigns / Social Media Campaigns
  • Fundraiser Site + Book Trailer Video
  • Book Website Development
  • Pitch Your Book to New York Publishers
  • PR Services
  • Red Carpet Interview Video
  • Help you Find an Agent 

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