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In 2004, Babypie Publishing was founded by entrepreneurs Keith and Maura Leon when they decided to self-publish their co-authored book, The Seven Steps to Successful Relationships. When Babypie published its second book, Keith Leon’s, Who Do You Think You Are? Discover the Purpose of Your Life, a few years later—implementing a large marketing campaign that introduced the book to over a million people on the first day it came out—both books became bestsellers overnight.

After the success of their first two titles, Keith and Maura were approached by another author who believed they could take his book to bestseller status as well. They decided to give it a shot, and Warren Henningsen’s book, If I Can You Can: Insights of an Average Man, became an international bestseller the day it was released. Before long, Babypie Publishing was receiving manuscript submissions from all over the world and publishing such titles as Ronny K. Prasad’s, Welcome to Your Life; Melanie Eatherton’s, The 7 Minute Mirror; and Maribel Jimenez and Keith Leon’s, The Bake Your Book Program: How to Finish Your Book Fast and Serve it Up HOT!

With a vision to make an even greater impact, Babypie Publishing began offering comprehensive writing and publishing programs, as well as a full range of à-la-carte services to support independent authors and innovative professionals in getting their message out in the most powerful and effective manner.

In 2015, Keith and Maura developed the YouSpeakIt book program to make it easy, fast, and affordable for busy entrepreneurs and cutting-edge health practitioners to get their mission and message out to the world.

In 2016, Leon Smith Publishing was created as the new home for Babypie, YouSpeakIt, and future projects.

In 2018, Beyond Belief Publishing was added as an imprint for spiritual and esoteric titles.

Whether you're a transformational author looking for writing and publishing services, or a visionary leader ready to take your life and work to the next level, we thank you for visiting our website and look forward to serving you.